Cazedis is a specialist of trendy and fashionable Furniture …

… adapted to local needs

We are furniture experts

We always have been working in furniture and decoration and we believe our specialization is at the core of our Added Value 

We work with big furniture resellers all over the world which help us to spot all emerging trends when they appear

We have developped thousands of products over time restricted to only a few categories that we know deeply

Creation Date

New products every year

We are reactive

We understand the value of Time. Because our customers are professional, they also expect from us a professional service. 

We understand the reason they work with us is to make them save time and grow faster in the furniture category

In a constantly evolving business, we need to be fast and make sure our proposals are always relevant

Answer rate

Availabitliy (we are on all time zones!)

We are International

Every  member of our sales and Management teams has lived in multiple countries and speak multiple languages

We are cosmopolitan and proud to be, we see the world as our playground and we love to spend time in various cultures

We believe one of our key assets is to be able to understand our client’s markets and not only production

Countries to find our products

Continents to visit us

We are Retail addict

We understands the operational challenge of retailers and we have operated a furniture BtC website for years.

We also believe that the most important in retail is to have the Best Product at right price which is why we spend a lot of time to spot trends all over the world to always propose new products and answer market needs.

Stores where you can find our products

Satisfied Clients (retailers or importers!)

We are Hands-On

We are Doers !  We want to make things happen and are ready to go the extra miles for that. We believe that our job is to solve problem in production so our clients can focus on theirs : operating their stores and manage local distribution. 

Factories visited since 2009

Bullshit (we don't talk we do!)